The good with the bad in Pensacola

The last couple of weeks have been a bet hectic in Pensacola. Reporters are starting to use up the vacation they didn’t make time for earlier in the year, and the staff is getting spread kind of thin. A couple more long time newsroom employees have said that they will be leaving the News Journal by the end of the year to pursue jobs elsewhere.

But in spite of that, the last couple of weeks have had some good moments too.

Yesterday, Leroy White called me to thank me for the story I wrote about his granddaughter, who died in an accident at a dangerous intersection. (I wrote about it in this blog post)

He said that since the story came out, the DOT has been very helpful and they just finished installing a flashing warning light at that intersection, which is what he wanted all along.

The managing editor came out of her office to tell me I did a good job on a couple of local campaign stories that are set to run this weekend. It was great because I was stressing about those… Political stories are still really new to me, and I’m worried about being biased in reporting them.

And yesterday morning, a Marine LT out at the naval air station gave me a call and said the commanders were “enamored” with the hummer article that I wrote, and they wanted to get a hold of a bunch of extra copies.

Woohoo! A threefer! That might never happen again…it’s like winning the triple crown.


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