Plane pulling in Pensacola

I was getting worried that I wasn’t going to shoot any photos this week because I’d been hitting the books researching a story from a couple counties away. But when Saturday rolled around and the photo assignment book filled up, I grabbed the camera for the Ronald McDonald House “plane pull.”

Teams of 20 people competed to pull a FedEx cargo jet 12 feet in the shortest time. I hung around and shot photos of the FedEx team, the Wal-Mart team, The McDonalds team and the Winn-Dixie team. This was all for fun, and to raise money for a good cause, but people took it seriously!

The Wal-Mart team takes the field.

The McDonalds team digs in.

The FedEx team with the home field advantage.

A maintenance guy manning the breaks gets a kick out of it all.

I’m starting to like non-standard “group photo” shots. I had to shoot so many “smile for the camera” pictures in the Air Force. Sneaking off to the side and snapping candid shots while the real photographer is trying to get everyone to stand closer together has been getting me some results that are kind of working for me. I don’t think the editors are digging it though.

I just kind of like the “I was there” vibe I get from looking at it, as opposed to the “a photographer was there” feeling from straight on group shots.

And I’m shooting vertical shots less and less because they’re hard to work into a blog post, and the layout folks seem to use them less for the paper, but I broke out the long lens, climbed up on a fence and experimented a little with using the long focal length to make the plane look more impressive.

I shot several photos from this set with the long lens. I’ve been getting kind of wide-angle happy recently, so I forced myself to carry it out there, but I’m pretty happy with some of the shots. It reminded me to keep myself from settling into a rut.


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