Blue Angels homecoming

I’ve slacked off with blog posts in the last week. Shame on me. There are stories to tell, but they will have to wait until after Thanksgiving. Until then, here are some photos I took at the Blue Angels homecoming last weekend.

My managing editor came up to me late last week and said that Tyson Dunkelberger had called her and thanked her for our coverage of the Blues’ homecoming.

I tried to write the homecoming stories fancy and bury the hatchet.

Until next year, Blues, it’s been a hell of a season.

First off, the standard air show stuff. There are 3 billion other pictures out there just like these.




While shooting with the lens kicked out to 300mm, I had the sudden realization that the sky was doing something kind of cool, so I spun in the zoom to 70mm, and took a couple shots. I love my 70-300 zoom. It’s just the right range for my long lens style.



Zooming back in for Skip Stewart in his Pitts Special.


And I didn’t like this photo until I realized that the pilot was flying one handed and waving to the crowd — while one foot off the ground. Awesome.


These final pictures are of members of VF 17-18, a WWII fighter squadron, who were having their reunion in Pensacola this week.



The base commander (skipper in Navy-talk) invited them and their families into the VIP section for the air show. These guys are remarkable. They are the best pilots of their day. Heroes, every one of them.



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