In Pensacola, reporting on meth

I was sent to Milton today to report on a series of meth busts in Santa Rosa County. I was a little bit early, so I was sitting in the parking lot enjoying a roast beef sandwich from Arby’s and looking around the parking lot of the Sheriff’s Office.

“Here I am, reporting on meth,” I thought.

Heh… Reporting on meth…

As I finished my sandwich, my head was filled with visions of tweaked out reporters running around the newsroom and producing vast quantities of copy.

Nothing much beyond the standard meth bust stuff to report, but here are some photos of the stuff Sheriff’s deputies confiscated at three meth labs this week.

meth bust

meth bust

meth bust

meth bust

And Sheriff Hall standing with his catch.

meth bust

If you had to pick one of these photos to run in the newspaper, which would it be, and why? (“None, they’re all terrible,” is a perfectly acceptable answer too!)


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