I, for one, welcome the arrival of our new Pelican overlords.

For nearly two weeks leading up to the holidays, Pensacola was plunged into a sea of fog. This stuff just wouldn’t go away. Day after day, night after night, fog.


But after the fog cleared, things took a turn for the worse.

News guys aren’t supposed to have opinions on things. Well, we’re supposed to try to set them to the side when we’re writing stories anyways. But in this case, I’ve just got to throw something out there.

This thing is scary.

img_8630If you would believe what the power that be would tell you, then this is an elaborate prop for New Year’s Eve. Pensacola’s own version of the Times Square ball that slowly drops as the final moments tick off before the new year.

But when I saw the polished metal blades feathers of this monster pelican suspended over downtown Pensacola… Well, I knew better.

Shortly after these photos were taken, another person who was standing nearby turned to me and said, “It doesn’t have any eyes…” Then she walked away.

Oh no. She’s right. The pelican must have some kind of radar, in addition to hundreds of razor sharp feathers…

I, for one, welcome the arrival of our Pelican overlords. If they spare me, I promise that I will be a faithful fisherman and will always deliver their mullet on time.



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