The trouble with snapper


More than 100 fishermen and scuba divers turned out to give a piece of their mind to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in Sandestin Thursday, and I was there.

The commission was considering a vote that would shorten the red snapper season in state waters.

Fishermen were furious.

Despite the pleads of fishermen, the commission voted to shorten the season. I like the photo above because of the “little guy vs. big guys” vibe.

I also like it because I had to climb through the shots of three TV news people and past the refreshments table to get in position to shoot it. Holding a full-sized SLR gets you places…

I’ve been all across the panhandle in the last two days covering this story and another biggie, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter training program at Eglin AFB.

Two days of reporting, and then writing, editing photos and filing stories from the passenger seat of my car or two-top tables at coffee shops.

I couldn’t be happier!

I’m exhausted, and don’t have the energy for another story, but here are some shots that didn’t make the paper.





Ever tried to white balance a camera in a room with multiple colors of incandescent lighting? I’ve been looking for a reason to do some black and white work, and the nasty yellow tint in the last two photos was more than enough motivation to get me to Photoshop the first one into B&W.


One Response to The trouble with snapper

  1. PJ says:

    I’m learning that finding the correct white balance in a room with multiple colors is tricky. The color of the room in the first of the two isn’t really important though. It’s the expression on the faces that jump out. It’s gotta be tough to face a room of angry people and deliver such bad news. Maybe of people weren’t so intent on over-fishing The Gulf…

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