Back to business. (And how…)


The last two weeks have been a blur.

Since I got back from furlough, I’ve banged out more than 15 stories (probably closer to 20). I’ve written everything from an in depth, 40-inch Pensacola Business Journal headliner about technology, to breaking news coverage about plane crashes and flood evacuations.

I’ve driven to Eglin AFB twice covering ground-breaking ceremonies on nearly $1 billion in construction. I got to rub elbows with Robin Roberts (the Good Morning America host) when she came through town. I got to drive to Pace to hang out with some folks who were putting on an OK to Pray rally on the front lawn of the high school.

There’s more… I know there’s more… But I sure can’t remember it at the moment.

Maybe some photos can refresh my memory.


Oh yeah! There was the “drug deal gone bad” shooting at Circle K. The guy above was one of the “victims.” A girl who was in the car with him got shot in the back and was rushed to the hospital. (she lived) The alleged drug dealers fled the scene after the shooting.

I snapped this photo after he said there was no way he was going to talk to the newspaper.

Notice the “Macho” sign? (Oh yes, awesome composition, I know…)


What is it with Circle K’s in this town? It seems like every other day someone is getting shot at one. That’s why I’m a BP guy… (Or Tigermart. They’ve got the best breakfast.)

And while we’re on the subject of phenomena I don’t understand, what is the deal with “Golden Shovel” ground-breaking ceremonies?


Why? What in the world is the point? This is at the ground breaking for the Joint Strike Fighter program. I duly shot my photos, just like I have dozens of times before at similar ceremonies, but days later when I drove to Eglin again for another ground breaking, I thought they would break the trend.

It was pouring down rain. They had to move the ceremony inside. “Ah Ha!” I thought. No golden shovels today.



Get a load of this! The brought a container full of dirt inside a museum, and they laid out plastic so they could do the golden shovels thing! I was absolutely astounded…

Whatever. In the end they got me. I took the picture.


In other news: While I was at Eglin, I ran into someone I’ve only met once before.


After the ceremony, Mr. Sansom ducked out before I was able to say hello. I think I know why.

I would have tried to chase him down, but they were pretty strict about where media could and could not go. As I was rounding the bleachers to go shoot some photos, a young officer chased me down, and I got placed back in the press area.

So I shot some photos of the press.


This girl’s name is Christina Leavenworth. (I think) We didn’t get to chat much, but she seemed nice enough. She’s a TV reporter and also had to drive over from Pensacola for the ground breaking.

So tomorrow I head back to work, clueless as ever about what I’ll be covering.

One thing is for sure. This job is NEVER boring.


One Response to Back to business. (And how…)

  1. PJ says:

    It looks a lot like blogging, only you’re trained. And equipped with great cameras and the like. And you have access to places the rest of us only dream about. Oh yeah, and you get paid. And you get paid.

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