Time to play


Sometimes assignments can suck.

Event coverage stories tend to be some of the worst offenders. More than once, as I struck off into the nether-regions of Northwest Florida on a Saturday morning, I’ve wondered what the 20 participants at, say, the First Annual Oompletown Doggie Parade, did to deserve a story in the newspaper.

But you’ve just got to choke those thoughts back. There has to be something in the newspaper while waiting for the next volcanic eruption,  hurricane, political scandal, or cheese contamination.

Thus was my mental process while driving to cover the third day of the Florida General Baptist Convention. Not that I’ve got anything against the Baptist convention. On the contrary, I think it’s a pretty significant event for Pensacola.

But still, how much fun can you have at church on a weekday?

As it turns out, a LOT!


These ladies are members of the Woman’s Auxiliary of the convention, and they spend all year raising money for their public service projects.

Once a year, they let their hair down and have a luncheon to relax, joke around, and have a good time after a year of hard work.

A surprise appearance by the Barack and Michelle Obama impersonators was just the beginning. These women’s enthusiasm was contagious, and I had a spectacular time hanging out with them yesterday afternoon.

Plus, the hats were wild.











One Response to Time to play

  1. PJ says:

    The hats are amazing, I wish I had anyone one of them. I’ll bet The Ladies made you feel right at home.

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