Too cool. HDR is a new hobby.

I’m a bit of photo purist. I never really got into the whole HDR thing. But the more I think about it, the more it interest’s me as a photographer. It’s almost like having ISO1600 and ISO60 chilling together on the same roll of film, just waiting  around to be of use whenever they can.

So after a sailing trip got cut short this afternoon due to excessive wind, I made a handful of HDR images.

Nothing much, but pretty fun given how easy they are to shoot and produce.




All you do is set AEB (auto exposure braketing) to shoot +2 0 -2, then import the three exposures into  a program called Photomatix.

It gives you some sliders to slide and you’re done.

I probably didn’t slide my sliders around just right. So far I’ve been tending towards making the photos look more realistic, but I may get away from that in the future.


One Response to Too cool. HDR is a new hobby.

  1. PJ says:

    From what I understand HDR has been around for a long itme. I know people who do serious work with it, here are a couple of them:

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