Unexpectedly awesome

The lighthouse. Who would have thought it? That thing is cool!

One hundred and seventy seven steps lead to the top of this 150-year-old lighthouse. People who are scared of heights are a little bit taken aback on the walk up. Quite a few people pause for a good long while at the many windows along the way. They’re taking in the view, but also catching their breath. Their pensive glances back toward the staircase betray their hidden worries about venturing back out to the twisting ascent.

At the top, the original Fresnel lens spins slowly in it’s huge rack, casting rainbow refractions around the room. It has to spin, even during the daytime, or it’s lenses could focus the sunlight in one spot and start a fire.

And it goes without saying that the views from the top are spectacular. A photo gallery, after the break.


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